Exploring the Luxury Market: Pacific Heights Real Estate in 2023-2024

Exploring the Luxury Market: Pacific Heights Real Estate in 2023-2024

San Francisco has endured a lot of bad press over the past three years and everyone wonders how the real estate market has been impacted.  It started with the pandemic in 2020 and the “Mass Exodus” as people fled from the city because they no longer had to go to work downtown.  Our downtown still has the highest vacancy rate in history but it hasn’t stopped people from buying and selling in the luxury market.  Let’s take a look at the luxury real estate market in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods Pacific Heights.  In general, 2023 was one of the slowest years for real estate in San Francisco because homeowners had record low interest rates of around 3% and they significantly went up to around 8%.  Let’s take a deeper look into how this impacted one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for homes selling for $5 million and higher. Join us as we explore significant sales, market trends, and what the future holds for this prestigious neighborhood and the luxury market in San Francisco.

Section 1: The Charm of Pacific Heights

Strolling through the tree-lined streets of Pacific Heights, one can't help but be captivated by the architectural grandeur and historic charm that define this neighborhood. Here, Victorian and Edwardian mansions stand shoulder to shoulder with modern, sleek residences, creating a visual symphony of San Francisco's rich history and contemporary flair.

It's not just the architecture that makes Pacific Heights a magnet for luxury real estate enthusiasts. The neighborhood boasts some of the city's best panoramic views, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the sparkling Bay.

But Pacific Heights is more than its breathtaking scenery and architectural beauty. It's a community brimming with top-notch amenities. From high-end boutiques and gourmet restaurants on Fillmore Street to lush, green spaces like Lafayette and Alta Plaza parks, Pacific Heights offers a lifestyle that's both luxurious and laid-back.

This unique blend of historical significance, aesthetic appeal, and community vibe sets Pacific Heights apart as a top destination for discerning buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate market.

Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights

Section 2: 2023 Market Review with Key Sales

As we delve into the 2023 real estate landscape of Pacific Heights, a notable shift becomes apparent when compared to the preceding year. The total number of single-family homes sold saw a reduction, from 25 homes sold in 2023 compared to 39 homes in 2022. In 2023 45% of the homes sold under $5 Million and 55% homes sold for $5 million or more.  The average days on market for a single family house was 32 days and the average price was $5,995,000 or $1406 price per square foot.  Only three homes sold for over $10 million.  The highest sale in 2023 was 2750 Vallejo that sold for $23,500,000 off market. 

Top 3 Highest Sales in 2023

A Case Study in Market Adjustment: 2660 Scott St

  • Initial Listing and Final Sale: Originally listed in September 2021 for $18,500,000, this property's journey to sale is telling. It eventually closed in July 2023 for $13 million, a significant $5.5 million below the asking price.
  • Market Implications: This sale reflects a market where pricing adjustments are vital. The extended time on the market and final sale price suggest a recalibration in buyer expectations and market realities.

Rapid Sale at Asking Price: 2430 Broadway

  • Market Dynamics: In contrast to 2660 Scott Street, 2430 Broadway's quick sale at its asking price of $12,500,000, within just four days on the market, indicates a different segment of the market where demand meets well-priced listings.  Location is also a key factor and this is located on a flat block on Broadway with homes that have historical value and breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay.

The Highest Sale in 2023: 2750 Vallejo

  • Off-Market Sale: The highest sale in 2023 was 2750 Vallejo, which sold for an astounding $23,500,000 off-market. This sale underscores the presence of a high-end segment in Pacific Heights that operates somewhat independently of general market trends.  This home was in a prime location in Pacific Heights and had all of the amenities that command higher prices.  It sits on the side of the street that has stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the bay.  The home had been meticulously remodeled and maximized the views on every level.  It included luxurious amenities such as a great room with a wall of windows and a balcony with iconic views, a chef's kitchen, a luxurious primary suite, and a rooftop terrace with a fireplace to enjoy the views at night.  On the garden level, the glass doors opened up to a beautiful backyard oasis with mature trees and a pool and spa.  The lower level also included a sauna, gym, and wine cellar.

2750 Vallejo Street

Section 3: The 2024 Market 

In the early months of 2024, Pacific Heights' luxury real estate market has begun to unfold its narrative. Four homes have already been sold for $4,995,000 or more, setting a dynamic pace for the year.

Highest Sale to start 2024: 2776 Broadway

  • Location and Views: 2776 Broadway, which closed for $9.3 million after 57 days on the market indicates the luxury market is still strong. The duration on the market is typical for that price point.  It was located on one of the best blocks in Pacific Heights with amazing views.  The owner was an engineer and foundation specialist.  His company built the foundation of the Bank of America building at 555 California Street in San Francisco.  The house had very unique architecture that might not appeal to everyone but it had amazing views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge.

Pacific Heights Luxury Home

2776 Broadway Street

Current Market Listings: Indicators of Luxury Trends

  • Gold Coast Listings: Presently, the most expensive homes in Pacific Heights, such as 2898 Broadway and 2799 Broadway, are listed for $32 million. Located in the Gold Coast, often referred to as "billionaire row," these listings highlight the ultra-luxury segment's resilience and enduring appeal in the market.

2799 Broadway Street

Section 4: The Gold Coast - Billionaire Row

The Gold Coast of Pacific Heights, colloquially known as "billionaire row," represents the pinnacle of luxury living in San Francisco. This exclusive enclave, featuring some of the most expensive and coveted properties in the city, is a testament to the enduring allure and prestige of Pacific Heights real estate.

Defining Features of the Gold Coast

  • Location and Views: Nestled in the most scenic parts of Pacific Heights, the Gold Coast offers unparalleled views of the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Marin headlands.
  • Architectural Grandeur: The San Francisco Gold Coast, known for its exclusive and luxurious homes, has been shaped by several renowned architects. Some of the most famous architects associated with this area include:
  1. Julia Morgan: She is one of California's most famous architects and is known for her work on Hearst Castle. Morgan designed several homes in the Gold Coast area, showcasing her expertise in a range of styles from Arts and Crafts to Mediterranean Revival.

  2. Bernard Maybeck: Known for his eclectic and imaginative style, Maybeck's work in the San Francisco area includes the Palace of Fine Arts. He has designed several homes in the Gold Coast, often characterized by their unique blend of historicism and innovation.

  3. Willis Polk: Polk played a significant role in shaping the architectural landscape of San Francisco, including the Gold Coast. His designs often reflect a mix of classicism and modernism, and he is known for his elegant and well-proportioned structures.

  4. Albert Farr: Farr was known for his luxurious residential designs, many of which are found in the Gold Coast. His work often features elements of the English Arts and Crafts movement and Tudor Revival style.

  5. Joseph Esherick: Although known for more modernist designs, Esherick's influence can be seen in the Gold Coast area. His work is characterized by a focus on functionality and simplicity, often blending seamlessly with the natural environment.

Market Dynamics in the Gold Coast

  • Ultra-Luxury Segment: The real estate here caters to an ultra-luxury market segment. Properties in the Gold Coast are characterized by their expansive size, exclusive amenities, and privacy features.
  • Pricing Trends: Homes in this area often command prices well above the neighborhood average. For instance, the current listings of 2898 Broadway and 2799 Broadway, each priced at $32 million, reflect the premium value attributed to properties in this locale.
  • Previous Sales: This is such a highly coveted area that homes rarely are on the market.  Some of the most significant sales in the past were 2920 Broadway which sold for $29,950,000 in 2005, 2701 Broadway sold for $31 million in 2015, 2900 Broadway sold for $32 million in 2018 and most recently 2790 Broadway sold for $34,500,000 in 2022.

The Appeal to High-End Buyers

  • Status and Prestige: Ownership in the Gold Coast is not just about the home itself; it's a statement of status and an investment in a legacy. The area attracts a clientele that values exclusivity and prestige.  There is a blend of old money and new tech money.  Some of the tech billionaire’s include Larry Ellison from Oracle, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman, and David Sacks from PayPal.
  • Investment Perspective: Despite the high entry price, properties in the Gold Coast are considered sound investments due to their location, historical significance, and limited availability.


Section 5: Insights for Buyers and Sellers 

In the dynamic landscape of Pacific Heights' luxury real estate market, both buyers and sellers need to navigate with informed strategies. The nuances of this market segment require a deep understanding of trends, pricing, and buyer preferences.

For Buyers: Navigating the Luxury Market

  • Understanding Value: In a market where properties can range significantly in price, understanding what contributes to the value of a home is crucial. Factors like location, historical significance, architectural uniqueness, amenities such as a pool, basketball court, wine cellar, home spa, firepit, high level of finishes and Golden Gate Bridge views play a significant role.
  • Market Timing: While the luxury market is less volatile, timing can still impact the availability and pricing of properties. Being aware of market trends and seasonal fluctuations can aid in making a strategic purchase.

For Sellers: Maximizing Your Investment

  • Pricing Strategy: Setting the right price is a delicate balance. Overpricing can lead to extended market presence, as seen with 2660 Scott Street, while well-priced properties like 2430 Broadway can attract quick sales.
  • Presentation and Marketing: Given the high standards of luxury buyers, presenting a property in its best light through professional staging and high-quality marketing materials is essential.  I am a real estate agent and interior designer who can help prepare your property before it goes on the market so it sells for top dollar and quickly.  


Section 6: Looking Ahead 

As we gaze into the future of Pacific Heights' luxury real estate, several factors are likely to shape its trajectory. Understanding these will be key for anyone looking to invest in this prestigious market.

Market Predictions and Trends

  • Stable yet Selective: The luxury market in Pacific Heights is expected to remain robust, but with a more selective buyer pool. Unique, well-located properties with special features will continue to attract attention.
  • Impact of Economic Factors: Broader economic trends, including interest rates and the tech industry's health, will indirectly influence the luxury market in Pacific Heights.  San Francisco is known for innovation and opportunity in the tech industry.  

The Enduring Appeal of Pacific Heights

  • A Timeless Investment: Despite market fluctuations, Pacific Heights will continue to be one of San Francisco's most sought-after neighborhoods. Its historical significance, architectural beauty, and elite status make it a timeless investment for luxury buyers.

Lyon Steps in Pacific Heights


As we conclude our journey through the luxurious avenues of Pacific Heights' real estate market, it's clear that this neighborhood stands as a beacon of elegance and prestige in San Francisco. The trends and sales from 2023 to 2024 paint a picture of a market that is as dynamic as it is exclusive. From the historical streets of the Gold Coast to the modern masterpieces dotting its landscape, Pacific Heights continues to captivate the imagination of luxury buyers and sellers alike.

For those looking to dive into this market, whether buying or selling, Pacific Heights offers more than just a home; it offers a legacy. The insights and trends discussed in this blog serve as a guide through the intricacies of this unique market segment. As we look to the future, Pacific Heights' real estate market, with its blend of historical charm and modern luxury, remains an enduring symbol of sophistication and a sound investment in the world of luxury real estate.  If you are looking for a luxury real estate agent in San Francisco I would be happy to assist you in your real estate journey.  

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